Ellen’s Bud Break – Featuring Humboldt Seed Company’s Jelly Donutz

We’re honored to be featured in High Times with our most popular strain of the year – Jelly Donutz!

Summary – Welcome to Bud Break, a journey where the world’s finest cannabis takes center stage, explored with purpose and written about with discipline. Delving into the mysteries of cannabis cultivars, Bud Break is your space to witness the extraordinary blossoming of incredible flowers. Our spotlight today falls on Jelly Donutz, a creation of Humboldt Seed Company (HSC), born from an extensive phenohunt that marries the renowned Runtz strain with HSC’s signature Hella Jelly.

Jelly Donutz, a name that mirrors its essence, emanates a sweet fragrance reminiscent of fried dough paired with a medley of mixed berry jam. Imagine savoring sweet fry bread in a gas station parking lot—the taste of Jelly Donutz leads to a potent stone, a pause in writing, and a call to a friend, a testament to its remarkable impact.

HSC’s CEO, Nat Pennington, recounts the genesis of Jelly Donutz, a strain that emerged victorious from a meticulous selection process following Ridgeline Runtz’s triumph at the 2019 Emerald Cup. With a plethora of imposters flooding the market, Pennington describes Jelly Donutz as the culmination of a “rainy day cross.” Starting with Runtz pollen dispersed across six chambers of Hella Jelly, the genetics underwent stabilization through two reversals and cultivation across four partner farms.

Out of an 840-member population, two versions were meticulously chosen—one for HSC and another for partner cultivator Casa Flor in Willits, California. Boasting hybrid vigor, Jelly Donutz transforms into a robust, beautifully round tree with hints of gas and sour candy. Released as seeds in December 2022, Casa Flor’s Lou Robles envisions enduring success for this cultivar, with rapper Baby Bash already introducing it to the market as Berry Wave pre-rolls. Join us in this exploration of Bud Break, where each strain tells a unique story, and Jelly Donutz stands as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of Humboldt Seed Company.

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