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HeadStash: Pistachio

Embark on a journey with Humboldt Seed Company’s Pistachio, a true gem discovered during the 2019 Phenotype Mega-Hunt—an event where unicorns in the cannabis world make their rare appearance. Pistachio stands as an easy-to-cultivate, high-yielding strain, perfect for both backyard hobbyists and indoor cultivation enthusiasts.

With growth habits reminiscent of the Fortune Cookie lineage, Pistachio exhibits strong, tall, upright plants that mature within a reasonable timeframe of 55 to 65 days. The strain boasts mold resistance, ensuring a smooth cultivation process. Witness the magic unfold as Pistachio develops dense green buds adorned with an abundance of mind-blowing trichomes, making it one of Humboldt Seed Company’s frostiest strains currently in production.

As your eyes revel in the glittering spectacle, your olfactory senses will be greeted by the enticing aroma of roasted nuts and gas, with a subtle undertone of pistachio ice cream. This Indica-dominant hybrid (Indica 65%/Sativa 35%) promises a THC content ranging from 24% to 28%, accompanied by an impressive terpene profile. Intensely uplifting, Pistachio is more than a strain; it’s a sensory experience deserving of a distinguished place in your cannabis collection.

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