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Humboldt Seed Company Brings Organic Seeds To Canada

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Humboldt Seed Company the largest legal cannabis seed seller in California, recently announced a partnership with British Columbia based Nymera to offer the first feminized, organic certified seeds in the world to Canadian licensed producers will have ready and consistent access to these time-tested heritage genetics and new varietals. These organic pro-cert certified seeds are grown by Nymera on it’s 86 acres of pristine, organic farmland in Westwold, B.C., where Humboldt Seed Company’s cannabis breeding specialists guided the effort. Pro-Cert is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to provide third-party certification to the Canadian Organic Regime. This production, along with the expertise gained by Humboldt Seed Company founder and CEO Nathaniel Pennington, After decades of phenotype hunting and genetics development, is now available by way of several notable varietals, including Apple Blossom Autoflower, Magic Melon Autoflower, All Gas OG, Royal Highness, Vanilla Frosting, Trainwreck, and cult favorite Blueberry Muffin.