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Humboldt Seed, Nymera partner on feminized, organic seeds

Nathaniel Pennington, founder & CEO of Humboldt Seed Company evaluates Humboldt cannabis varieties in California’s cannabis epicenter.

Cannabis seed seller, Humboldt Seed Company, is partnering with British Columbia-based Nymera to offer the first feminized, organic-certified seeds in the world to Canadian and global markets.

These organic Pro-Cert certified seeds are grown by Nymera – a licensed producer specializing in fresh frozen, terpene-rich, extraction-ready whole flower – on its 86 acres of organic farmland in Westwold, B.C., where California-based Humboldt Seed Company’s cannabis breeding specialists guided the effort.

According to the release, Pro-Cert is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to provide third-party certification to the Canadian Organic Regime (COR) and its equivalency arrangements.

Several notable varietals are now available, including Apple Blossom Auto, Magic Melon Auto, All Gas OG, Royal Highness, Vanilla Frosting, Trainwreck, and cult favorite Blueberry Muffin, to name a few.

“We are excited to share a piece of Humboldt’s cannabis breeding heritage with the world,” said Ben Lind, Humboldt Seed Company’s Chief Science Officer. Lind has spent his career immersed in the culture of growing and breeding cannabis in Northern California, where his passion for saving artisanal varietals includes using ancient genetics as a foundation for creating future strains.

A spokesperson for Humboldt tells Greenhouse Canada that the seeds are approved for use in both greenhouse and outdoor cultivation environments, but points out that the autoflowering types are best suited for outdoor growing in Canada due to having a shorter season and flowering time based on days to maturity. In contrast, photoperiod varieties are dependent on day length for flowering, so an early hard frost could set some plants back. “Although to curb this dilemma, the photoperiods we selected for Canada are all early finishing. There are positives to each type (photoperiod and autoflower) and differences in each variety offered within each of those two distinctions. Therefore, depending on the growers cultivation goals, Nymera / HSC sales associates can help a producer discern which varieties will best meet their needs.”

Nymera co-founder and CEO Rick Gill, whose work in the cannabis industry since 2016 has included hands-on cultivation experience, said, “We are enormously proud to have partnered with Humboldt Seed Company to help bring their amazing genetics to Canadian and international cannabis cultivators. We recognize and appreciate the high level of care and professionalism that Humboldt Seed Company brings to the production of seeds. Their unique talents, which make the brand so phenomenal in the first place, are ones we are determined to emulate.”

Alberta-based ANC will handle the relationship with the provincial boards and distribution throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick.

“When I started growing, Humboldt Seed Company was the first seed I ever bought,” said Tairance Rutter, ANC Vice President of Business Development. “Having the opportunity to bring their heritage genetics into the legal market has been a highlight of my career.”