Humboldt Seed Unveils First Cannabis Scratch & Sniff Packaging

The terpene-infused ink could solve the longstanding problem.

two women smelling package of cannabis nugs
Customers sampling the Scratch and Sniff label at Green Gold Dispensary. Daniel Lee

The industry’s first Scratch ‘n Sniff Cannabis Packaging will make its debut at the Emerald Cup on Saturday, December 10, 2022. Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) collaborated with craft producers, One Straw Farm and Burr’s Place to bring the experience to the consumer.

To make the scratch and sniff ink, HSC uses terpenes extracted from the same batch of cannabis contained in the package. Until now, consumers typically haven’t been able to smell the product prior to purchasing it, this ink could solve the longstanding problem.

Packaging with the smelly stickers will be available in California dispensaries by mid-December.

HSC has been making scratch and sniff ink from their genetics since the beginning of California’s recreational cannabis market. Originally, the company incorporated the ink in advertisements and on the company’s seed packs. The method was a bit ahead of its time, but now the unique feature could create a richer consumer experience.

“The cost associated with dedicating a portion of a cannabis crop to terpene extraction seemed to scare some of our potential collaborators away,” said Benjamin Lind, HSC owner and chief science officer. “But now, with California’s cannabis prices tanking, it made perfect sense to our long-time seed customers One Straw Farm and Burr’s Place.”

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The ink doesn’t contain any controlled substances, so it’s presumed legal to send around the country.

According to Brett Miller, CEO of Burr’s Place Organics, the packaging is available to every dispensary. The initial release will go out to seven stores, including The Woods and Erba Markets in Los Angeles, Tioga Green in Lee Vining, Bract House in Sonora, Green and Gold in San Andreas, Pure Aloha in Murphys and Little Trees in Avery.

The strains with the HSC scratch and sniff packaging include Orange Creampop, Nutter Budder and Blueberry Muffin.