Humboldt Seed Company Nat and Haile Pennington

It’s All in The Genes – Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Seed Company (HSC), founded by Nathaniel “Nat” Pennington in 2001, has become a global hub for rare cannabis genetics, tracing its roots back to the early days of California’s Prop. 215. Initially focusing on breeding cannabis for medical use, HSC expanded into the recreational market in 2018. Notably, the company stands out not just for its award-winning strains but for its unique leadership dynamic: Nat’s daughter, Halle Pennington, is set to take over the reins.

Halle acknowledges the gender disparities in the cannabis industry and appreciates her father’s support, considering it a major privilege to be part of the breeding realm. She emphasizes her gratitude for her father’s willingness to involve her in every aspect of the company, highlighting the rare occurrence of a prominent father-daughter duo in the legal cannabis space.

The core of Nat and Halle’s work involves annual phenotype hunts, scientifically guided searches for novel cannabis genetics. Halle, having come of legal age just as California legalized cannabis, has undergone a dream apprenticeship in cannabis genetics selection. Despite industry challenges, she inherited her father’s enthusiasm for breeding.

As the company’s product executive, Halle played a crucial role in launching Scratch-N-Sniff cannabis packaging featuring actual terpene extractions. The innovative packaging, debuted at the Emerald Cup, allows customers to smell a strain before purchasing, providing a sensory experience and bridging the gap between cultivars and end users.

HSC’s commitment to innovation extends to its mission to blend world-class cultivars with customer satisfaction. Halle, a second-generation legacy farmer and co-innovator, expresses gratitude for her journey and the positive feedback from customers worldwide. Nat and Halle plan to resume their passion for pheno-hunting, eager to explore new horizons in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.

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