‘Scratch And Sniff’ On Weed Packaging: An Ink With Real Cannabis Terpenes Arrives To The Market So You Can Smell Your Pot Before Buying

two women smelling package of cannabis nugs

Do you remember the famous “scratch and sniff” stickers from Fox

FOX‘s “The Simpsons”? Well, now the cannabis industry has taken this innovative tool to introduce it into the marijuana market.

On December 10, the first-ever “Scratch n Sniff” type cannabis container made its debut at the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball. The iconic event took place in Santa Rosa, California.

Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) collaborated with craft growers, One Straw Farm and Burr’s Place to bring this unique shopping experience to the consumer, according to Skunk Magazine.

A Cannabis ‘Scratch And Sniff’

Experts will know that consumers cannot smell the product before buying it. Therefore, HSC created a method to create the “Scratch n Sniff” ink. This one uses the actual terpenes extracted from the same batch of marijuana contained in the package.

So now, buyers will now be able to “scratch and sniff” the product without any problem.

The One-Straw Farm and Burr’s Place flower pack bearing HSC’s “Scratch n Sniff” terpene label has been available in dispensaries throughout the Californian state since mid-December.

packages of cannabis products hanging on display

First, Customer Experience

Since the beginning of the recreational marijuana market in California, HSC has been making batches of “Scratch n Sniff” ink from its genetics. It has also been placing “Scratch n Sniff” ads in magazines distributed in the US and applying the ink to its cannabis seed packets.

“The cost associated with dedicating a portion of a cannabis crop to terpene extraction seemed to scare off some of our potential collaborators, but now that California cannabis prices are collapsing, it makes perfect sense for our loyal early customers of One Straw Farm and Burr’s Place seeds,” said Benjamin Lind, HSC owner, and chief scientific officer.

Since the ink does not contain any controlled substances, it would be legal to ship within the country. “Being sourced from real cannabis buds, Scratch n Sniff is absolutely the closest you can get to smelling real flowers,” reported Skunk.

Brett Miller, CEO of Burr’s Place Organics, said it’s not really a product, “more of an addition to the products we already offer. We are two companies, Burr’s Place and One Straw Farm, offering consumers packaged cannabis with Scratch n Sniff attached to the package.”

The “Scratch n Sniff” method, which is applied to the products offered by both companies, takes the form of a sticker attached to the front of the bags and the top of the flower jars. In addition, “it will apply to a ‘variety profile booklet’ that will be available free of charge anywhere our products are sold,” he added.

Scratch and Sniff Burr's Place packaged cannabis nugs Nutter Budder

The strains that will be offered with the “Scratch and Sniff” option are Orange Creampop, Nutter Budder, and Blueberry Muffin from Humboldt Seed Company. “We will be offering this packaging to any dispensary that wants it, but the initial launch will go out to about 7 stores,” Miller concluded.

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