Stoner Owner – Humboldt Seed Company

The journey of the Stoner Owner of Humboldt Seed Company is a tale woven with the threads of adventure and cannabis cultivation, stretching from the East Coast to the verdant landscapes of Humboldt County.

Born in New York and raised in Philadelphia as the son of a preacher, Nat embarked on a transformative path that led him to the epicenter of cannabis culture. At the age of 18, immediately after graduating high school, he set his sights on California, drawn by the allure of the burgeoning cannabis scene.

In the midst of the guerrilla growing era of 1995, predating the landmark Prop 215, Nat immersed himself in the world of cultivation. These were the days of secrecy, where every effort was made to conceal cannabis plants from prying eyes. In the rugged terrains of Eastern Humboldt, nestled in the mountains, he found mentors who imparted invaluable knowledge and skills that would shape his trajectory in the cannabis industry.

Nat’s initiation into the art and science of cultivation unfolded against the backdrop of clandestine grows and the evolving cannabis landscape. This early exposure laid the foundation for what would later become the Humboldt Seed Company, a beacon of excellence and innovation in the world of cannabis genetics. The journey from the East Coast to the cannabis-rich soils of Humboldt County marked the beginning of a legacy that continues to thrive today.