Cannabis, A Primer: Novel Cannabinoid

I think it’s long past time we focused our attention much more on the lesser cannabinoids (a misnomer, to say the least). These novel cannabinoids produce all sorts of positive benefits and reactions in the body, yet we have barely dipped our tow into the ocean of possibilities.

I don’t consider myself a master grower but feel strongly toward the conservation and the preservation of landrace genetics and organic growing practices. Which is why I opened a company called Arbour Collective: an ethical seed business which aims to help stabilize Landrace seeds, and return seeds to their original custodians so that they may keep breeding them for future generations and to provide local farmers the platform to sell their seeds to enthusiasts from around the world. In order to do that, Arbour Collective has joined forces with Humboldt Seed Company as well as local collectives in South Africa. In addition to this we also aspire to become a platform for local growers to sell their seed, share knowledge on organic growing, supply growing accessories, and sell some select seed from other parts of the world. Our international range is organic and unique to the market of South Africa. We are starting off small, but the potential is endless.