Your Highness Podcast: Accessibility in Home Grows – With Halle Pennington

Halle Pennington with cannabis plants

Check out the Your Highness Podcast, a show where we delve into the often overlooked areas of the cannabis world, examining aspects where accessibility and inclusiveness may be lacking. Join us as we elevate conversations about ways to bring about real change in the cannabis space, with a particular focus on empowering women. With host, Diana Crash, and in today’s episode, we’re excited to have Halle Pennington from Humboldt Seed Company joining us to talk about the fascinating world of cannabis genetics.

Humboldt Seed Company is renowned for providing stable and consistent genetics, making it accessible for novice growers. Halle shares insights into their goal of offering seeds suitable for anyone, even those with minimal time or resources. With a commitment to education, she emphasizes the importance of consumers researching the source of their cannabis to support craft cannabis farmers and legacy growers.

We also explore the intriguing realm of auto-flowering seeds, which allow growers to cultivate cannabis without being dependent on specific light schedules. Halle introduces Humboldt Seed Company’s auto-flower lines, designed to simplify the cultivation process and provide flexibility for growers.

Towards the end, Halle sheds light on Humboldt Seed Company’s hemp project, Two Snakes Hemp, and discusses the various hemp seed options they offer, including auto-flowering hemp strains. She invites listeners to explore their website,, for more information.

The transcript can beĀ found here.