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Breeder’s Insights: Poddy Mouth Cannabis Strain

Poddy Mouth, a cross of Mountaintop Mint x Humboldt Pound Cake, has a fuel-forward, gassy nose with a sweet finish.

Photos by Erik Christiansen

Cultivar Details:

Plant Physiology: Poddy Mouth was selected in Humboldt Seed Co.’s 2020 pheno hunt for its unique “pod” or “bract” flower structure, which makes for beautiful, trichome-coated buds. Then, Humboldt brought it straight to Jason Gellman of Ridgeline Farms for R&D. The R&D phase confirmed this cultivar is also extremely vigorous in both veg and flower.

Average Yield: Poddy Mouth was discovered in 2019 and developed with Gellman of Ridgeline Farms in 2020, but Humboldt Seed Co. didn’t publicly release the cultivar until 2022, giving time for proper seed line stabilization. The original clone of Poddy Mouth can produce over 4 pounds per light. Seed-grown Poddy Mouth produces 1/4 pound or more per plant in greenhouses and more than 10 pounds per plant outdoors. Poddy Mouth is a great hash producer for both BHO and live resin. Washing reports vary from 4% to 7% yield.

Flowering Time: Poddy Mouth is ready for harvest after 55 to 60 days of flower indoors or in mixed-light greenhouses. Outdoors, full-term harvest of Poddy Mouth can be as early as Sept. 25, wrapping up completely by Oct. 10. Its structure, with many flower bracts, makes the stigmas or “red hairs” common to many cannabis varieties almost non-existent. Judging harvest readiness based on red hair maturity or trichome color could result in terpene loss.

Environmental Conditions: Poddy Mouth performs exceptionally well in light-deprivation greenhouses, mixed-light greenhouses, and full-season outdoors in most climates. Poddy Mouth will also perform well in indoor environments with above-average feeding regimens and micronutrient additions.

Recommended Input Conditions: Poddy Mouth is a heavy nitrogen feeder early in the vegetative cycle but needs increasing levels of phosphorus and potassium as it nears the flowering stage, although nitrogen should never be cut off entirely except for the last two weeks of flowering.

Integrated Pest Management Notes: Poddy Mouth is not particularly susceptible to pest infections, and it has both botrytis and powdery mildew resistance.

Cannabinoid Profile: THC 32% to 35%, total cannabinoids 36% to 40%.

Terpene Profile: Poddy Mouth has a fuel-forward, gassy nose with a sweet finish. It develops a gas and slightly sweet terpene profile that becomes more evident after the buds cure. Dominant terpenes include myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, humulene and linalool.

Reported Effects: Consumers report sativa effects from this indica hybrid—energizing euphoria and sharpened senses.

Breeder’s Notes

“Although odd names are not particularly unusual in the cannabis space, we weren’t sure what was up when our friend Jason [Gellman] came up with the name Poddy Mouth. Did he think the cultivar was naughty or lewd? He explained he gave it that name because it has all pods and very little leaf on the buds! This cultivar is from another planet as far as flower structure and production. Each bud might have one or two leaves that require trimming, but generally these will easily separate from the flower in a trim machine.”
– Nat Pennington, founder/CEO, Humboldt Seed Co.

Halle Pennington is products executive at Humboldt Seed Co.